Zero Waste Every Day

Little Miss O and I took a chance today and left the car at home and walked to ballet despite grey skies.  Wooohoo - and it didn't rain.  Zero waste ballet transport!

I've been doing a little bit of musing on stuff recently, and I came up with a little list...

Things not to buy.

1) Wrapping paper - re-use, use fabric, old scarves etc. Or give things that don't need wrapping!
2) Greeting cards and gift tags - make out of pretty bits of paper, up cycle etc.
3) Postpaks - use ones that you have been sent or wrap in paper shopping bags if you have them lying around etc.
4) Bottled water (unless you are somewhere where the tap water is undrinkable, of course.)
5) Eco bags - make your own from old pillowcases, old t-shirts etc.
6) Cleaning cloths - where all our old undies go to die
7) Commercial household cleaners - vinegar, bicarb..these are good basics (am still working on this area, myself - I have dishwashing liquid and dishwasher tablets and laundry detergent!  Cringe.)
8) Garbage bags - Don't make garbage! Or use newspaper etc.
9) Disposable feminine hygiene items - use a cup and cloth napkins if you can.
10) Baking paper - use silicone baking mats
11) Cupcake patties - use silicone cupcake patties
12) Magazines - borrow them from the library or read them at the doctor's - yeah - they are out of date, but it's still all the same old same old.
13) Envelopes - make them from old wrapping paper, paper that is printed on one side etc.
14) Eye make-up remover - coconut oil is the best
15) Body lotion - ditto - and you can cook with it.  And body scrub with it.  And make soap with it.  And so on.
15) Cotton wool - where all the old face cloths or sometimes t-shirts go to die.


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