Zero Waste Every Day

Mmm..having a bit of a wicked red wine whilst on the couch trying to get an essay done. blogging is a good way to get an essay done!  Anyway.

One thing I am trying to do in regards to a zero waste lifestyle is try not to throw things away without finding a use for them.  I am trying not to be "just in case' lady, there has to be an actual direct use for them that is preferably undertaken that very moment. Hmm.  At least I try.  There are a couple of things around waiting for their project to kick off, I must admit.

So - I got a letter in one of those envelopes - you know - the white ones, the long ones, the ones with the PRETTY PATTERNS inside!  Have you ever looked at the inside of an envelope? Some of them are very lovely inside, even if they are very utilitarian on the outside.  I once saw some great art works made entirely from the insides of bog standard envelopes.  And so, I combined the inside paper with some cereal packet cardboard and some of my daughter's three year old drawings that I eherm...had stashed (speaking of stashing!).  Some washi tape and some dymo tape completed the look.  See?  Quite cute, I thought and definitely nice enough to send to someone to let them know you care.


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