Zero Waste Every Day

Oooff - that's a bit out of focus.  Sorry people.

I had a good zero waste day today;

  • all my fruit and veggies were purchased without any packaging - so completely waste free (but I do have to get off my bum and go to the bulk store for my dry goods and such.  Hopefully on Thursday - but ideally I need to get some jars first from the secondhand stores, so maybe on Friday or the weekend)
  • I walked Little Miss O to school - so petrol free (the bike has a flat tyre)
  • I walked to and from the shops to do my grocery shopping and errands - so also petrol free
  • I took two pairs of shoes and my fave bag to the repair shop to get mended - so they go on to have more life, so saving them from landfill
  • I got a shirt I was looking for at the local Lifeline - so I avoided purchasing something new (yeah - I know - I still have to get round to not purchasing at all....)
What was not cool was it was another council collection day and the amount of good useable things out in the street was pretty appalling.  I went back to get a kids' bike and a cool retro footstool when I wasn't laden down with grocery bags, but sadly, the trucks had been around.  MUST grab and go.  Must, must, must.  So, I am kind of sick of it, and I have decided I am going to start upcycling old stuff into beautiful things that people can put back in their homes.  I know - not the world's most original idea, but I want to do it and I want to save things from landfill. 

My cousin and I were discussing inbuilt obsolescence yesterday and how disgusting it is.  Can't companies make the repair/part cheaper than buying a new one but still profitable (because profit is all they care about, right?)?  Can't more people think about getting their stuff repaired?  I've had shoes repaired, bags, I repair clothes, I've had old furniture repaired, I repair Little Miss O's toys, I've had a laptop repaired...and a stereo...and so on.  It's not that hard.  A little bit of a pain in the arse and pricey, but mostly cheaper than a new one and much better for the environment.  When are we going to learn that money alone will not sustain us?  

I'm just going to keep plugging along - upping my personal ante on my production of rubbish and how I reuse other people's too.... Please join me.


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