Zero Waste Every Day

So - pottering on with more zero waste activities.  Sometimes it seems a little overwhelming, but I figure if I keep doing a little day by almost every day, then I will have a whole lot of structures in place that will then support the lifestyle that I wish to maintain.  YES!  Sounds like a reason for a spreadsheet.  I love spreadsheets so much.  

One of the things that does happen in our house is textile waste.  Old undies, for example- I mean - you can't send those to Vinnies, right? Although, apparently people do.  EW.  I suppose I could sell to perves...hmmm...but no.  They become dusters.   Old t-shirts that are beyond donation - knitting yarn.  Fabric scraps - patchwork pieces..but what about the tiny bits?  Stuffing!  And the others? Well, here's one idea for a start;

Mama S bought me a lovely poomphy and much needed new ironing board cover the other day.  The old one was threadbare, stained and cut.  But what to DO with it? And then I realised - I needed an inner cushion for the pineapple cover I made the other day that is BUSTING to go on my bed.  Enter the ironing board cover and a bit of old pillowcase that had been upcycled here.

And hello cushion inner....(still need some more stuffing).


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