Zero Waste Every Day

Hello dear readers.  Feeling a bit chuffed today as I got an HD for a uni assignment.  Yes!  And am having a fabulous zero waste kind of's fun just taking it a small step at a time and addressing each thing as it arises.

My fruit and veggie shopping today was totally zero waste.  Not a skerrick of packaging there, my friends.  Hoorah! Got to work on cheese, muffins, coffee, pulses....a trip to a bulk store might be on the cards later in the week.  But where are the deli counters, hey?  Might also need to pop into Vinnies to get some big storage jars for flour and such.

Dropped off the leftovers from a fun and successful swap meet at the Goodwill and picked up some Bohemia Crystal martini glasses (for my to-be-planned) martini, fondue and board game night sometime in the next few months, a pencil skirt (Gerard Darel - a brand I quite liked but could never afford when I was a student in France ) for my teaching prac and some more faux leather leggings because I am a ROCKSTAR!  Haha.  I love charity shops even more now because I treat them like the supermarket, kind of.  I have a list (this one more mental than written e.g record player, black skinny jeans, oversized chambray shirt, noodle bowls, black picture frames, picture for bedroom wall etc. ) and I just seek for what it is I am after.  Sure, I fondle other things lovingly, but I pretty much always put them back.

..and finally, a zero waste afternoon snack for Little Miss O as we walk home...


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