Zero Waste Every Day

Ah..productive day of house cleaning, getting donations ready in the car to drop off (hello floor in bedroom!) tomorrow and general Getting Stuff Done.

Today, I bring you...

Zero Waste Soup.  At the end of the week and of every week from herein after, I shall rummage around in the fridge and find all the bits and pieces of leftover veggies.  I found a particularly flllllaaaacid carrot today...but still fine for soup.  There was celery, some darkening mushrooms, half an onion, roast veg from last night and all of them went in the soup pot with some chickpeas, tinned tomatoes and stock.  OK - yes, the chickpeas and tomatoes were in tins (which went in the recycling) but the soup saved veggies from being chucked plus the cuttings got composted.  And it tastes bloody nice too.  Finally,  there's some for lunch tomorrow.  Win-win.

By the way, I am closing my Something Else website.  Too complicated for me to have two blogs and also - I miss the eco part I am reeling it back in.  Will transfer the posts one by one over a while so as not to bombard you with posts you probably have already read, my fine people.


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