Zero waste every day

Little Miss O and I are decadent little buggers who indulge ourselves wildly from time to time with what we call "Paris breakfasts" (if only they really were) - baguette with apricot jam - reminiscent of brekkies in our fave city (although the baguette is NEVER as good).   I thought we'd have one tomorrow, so I popped into the IGA and...just grabbed one. With no bag.  No plastic.  No nothing. Popped it on the counter.  Paid for it. DONE.    

I've put it in a cloth bag to keep it fresh and bug-free til tomorrow morning.  Mmm...cafĂ© au lait, apricot jam, baguette.  Hell, might even crank up the Edith Piaf.  

Am thinking I will start getting my baguettes regularly from the Danish bakery down the road...they do organic sourdough ones that are pretty fine.  And rye.  Yum.  Without a bag!


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