Zero Waste Every Day

I know.  You've seen the Keepcup before.  Over it.  However, today, I actually managed to put it in my bag and USE it.  And, I have told myself very, very firmly that if I forget it, then there is just no coffee for me that day....which is my treat for dragging out of bed, getting dressed and taking Little Miss O to ballet or Japanese school, so goddamn it - I WANT IT.

P.S.  Do you love my beautiful Toshiba that I was given when 30 years ago?  Oh man - what a birthday gift!  And pumps out 2CH at full volume (about all it picks up) when Little Miss O and I are cooking or doing craft at the kitchen table.  Cool, or what? Every kitchen needs a trusty old radio, I reckon.

P.P.S.  Do you know how hard it is to find unbleached, Australian made, recycled cordless toilet paper for a home toilet roll holder in this place? Shame on you, personal tissue product manufacturers!


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