Zero waste every day

I am never going to be one of those 100 items kind of minimalists.  Hey, I may not ever even be a minimalist at all (I do love a picture/cushion/book) but I have come a very long way from being a super consumer.  What I am determined to be is more and more sustainable (not consuming excessively of course being a big part of that!).  To that end, I am focussing on waste and how much we produce and trying to limit that.  I am terrified by the amount of waste we all produce.  It was big rubbish day the other day on our hood and...oh man.  All that STUFF.

It's a tricky one.  Putting my shopping in a cloth bag is great, but how long does the secondhand pillowcase I used to make it take to biodegrade?  (Five months according to one website....) That needs to be considered too.  Of course, it will be mended and mended and then turned into a cleaning rag and so on and so forth until the end of its days, but I think I need to consider not just using reusables but the fact that they too eventually become no longer useable.  Hm.

Anyway, so I am going to try to figure out a different thing each day.  Starting with ...

Zero waste mushrooms and spinach.  I love them and they feature often in our diet, but at the supermarket (yes, I do still shop there at the moment because farmers' markets seem to be always on days when I don't NEED to go shopping/rainy days/busy days/days I forget...but I will work on that too!) the spinach comes in plastic or loose and the mushies come loose.  Usually I have taken the spinach in plastic and the mushies in a paper bag, but now I made these bags, no need!  OK _ yep, it will probably cost me a dollar or so more overall because of the weight of the bags, but I am prepared to deal with that.  I can probably tip the mushrooms out carefully on the scales if I really want to.  Spinach, not so much.  But it's fine.  I'll take rubber bands to tie them up at the end.  Drawstrings would add weight, you see.

Now, what for tomorrow?


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