Today I didn't go to...the homewares store

Dear readers,

Stop me oh ohhhh stop me, stop me if you think that you've heard this one just transferring my blog posts from Something Else across to Else Seven.  As I mentioned, I am not happy with splitting myself in two, so I am merging myself again.  I might retain Something Else for eherm...something else...I have in mind.

I've got a few projects around my little home that need doing - pictures to frame and hang, chairs to cover and so on and so forth.  I'm doing my best to keep it all secondhand and low well as low impact. 

Popped into Vinnie's today and managed to knock over a couple of small things on my list;

A frame for this great menu from the 1930s that was amongst my great aunt's things.  LOVE the colours and the ukiyo-e feel to it.  Love a plain black frame with a white mount.

A drum light shade which I teamed with this pillowcase that I got ages ago from an opshop to finally make....

....a lampshade for my bedside table lamp.  Hoooorah!  Lampshade was $4, pillowcase around $1 or 50c and double sided sticky tape $3 for the whole roll, which I didn't finish.

I also got some stretch fabric for $1 to work on my undies making.


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