The Jolly Jar

So I am a slack mother who doesn't always want to play/hang out with her child.  I know.  Terrible.  Shoot me...if you don't feel the same way too from time to time.  God, it's SO TEDIOUS sometimes.  Anyway...I've decided that I am going to be a bit to playing and being with Little Miss O.  To this end, we made the Jolly Jar.  Things that we can do together that she likes to do.

We used: a piece of paper used one side, a jam jar (my entire house seems to be furnished with these things!) ...and that's all.  We wrote down some things Little Miss O likes to do, she cut them out, we folded them and put them in the jar.  Next time it's Little Miss O time, we'll pull one out and get to it - no questions asked, no refusals.


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