Samsara project: Jumper to cosy winter items which things pass through states of existence...

This cute fluffy jumper was in the clothing swap I did the other day with some friends, which was such fun.  It's too tiny for me, but I needed a few winter warming items, so I decided to use it to make them.

A hot water bottle cover.  I am not one for electric blankets, but I have icy feet, so am a hot water bottle obsessive.  Little Miss O runs them too.

Legwarmers.  I don't have any cosy trackies, so instead of going to buy some, these leg warmers might make a lot of difference to keeping my legs warm.

Is this called a tippet?  Yes.  A little cosy tippet for a little girl.  And yes, that is hideous ice blue crushed velvet and Elsa peeping through there.  Goddamn it - I have even started to love the "Let it go" song. Not sure why Little Miss O is sucking all her teeth and lips in there....


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