Samsara Project: jeans to skirt which things pass through states of existence...

I wear jeans all the time.  Well, almost all the time - I have a few other bottoms such as culottes, a denim skirt, beachy loungey pants, but mostly, jeans.  And I have a fave brand and style of jeans that are not at all eco-friendly and cost a bomb.  However, of late, I have been finding them on ebay (just got a pair for $22 which I am pretty happy about - they will replace the ones I have chopped up here!) which is fantastic and also - they get sooooo many wears that it kind of makes them eco-friendly, doesn't it?  I wear them til they fall apart..and then.....I upcycle them.

This pair are basically worn through on the bum (all that sitting on the ground and bike riding) and are also....let's hazard a guess at around 7 or 8 years old?  Maybe even a bit more and they have been worn and worn and worn and worn.  But, aside from the worn bum, they still have some life left in them, soooo

..I made them into a very 90's...

It was pretty simple and straightforward and I managed to use all of the jeans including the bottom bits that I chopped off.  I did try hemming the bottom but I have no idea how to do a jeans' hem and it went all fluted, so I just cut it off and went for the raw edge.

They did go a bit "pool-y" around the back, but when they are on, this mostly is unnoticeable as it is filled out by my bottom.  :)  Hooray for a filling bottom.

Not haute couture, but something practical to wear on ordinary days and to get more life out of my old jeans.  I wonder what I will do with the next pair....but they have a lot of go left in them yet, I think.


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