Questions to ask

Nothing zero waste really happened today as I was head down over my computer all day with...academia.  Aggghh.

However, for your delectation, or your personal use, I bring you the list of questions I am trying to ask myself when I purchase things..or before I do so.  I reckon number one might clear out a whole lot of things on your shopping list, including mine, including mine, I am a sinner too.

1) Do I really need it?
2) Can I borrow it?
3) Can I make it?
4) Can I swap it?
5) Can I get it secondhand?
6) Is it recycled/recyclable/upcycled?
7) Is it packaging free...or at least plastic free?
8) Is it non-toxic?
9) Is it cruelty free?
10) Is it vegan/vegetarian?
11) Is it palm oil free?
12) Is it GMO-free?
13) Is it fair trade?
14) Is it local or Australian made?
15) is the company ethical?
16) Is it organic?
17) Is it seasonal/sustainable?  (particularly for produce/fish)


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