Sewing for kids: Twirly winter skirt

Every day, Little Miss O, who is nothing if not an optimist, brings out a light cotton twirly skirt with pompoms on it that I made last summer as her choice of clothing for the day.  It's a bit crisp these days in the 'hood, always gets popped back in the wardrobe.  However, how can one resist a small girl who just wants a twirly skirt?  So, I took to my sewing machine and produced a winter skirt that twirls.  And has braid.  And little pears.  And birdies.

There is also a matching headband, but she was wearing it at the time, so...  Mama S envisages her with a black top and cardi and black tights.  I see her in yellow or red tights with her rainbow tshirt and chunky yellow cardi.  We have different views of the world.  Hers is probably more tasteful.


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