I love vintaaaage textiles

Oh how the word vintage makes me cringe.  But I do love the old bits and pieces that I find at church fetes and opshopsm and markets and that I inherit from others.  Give me a few old tray cloths and I am a happy, happy girl.

I'm currently cosy-ing up my bedroom with a few bits and pieces - there's a gallery wall planned (I love pictures. LOVE.), and my brother and sister-in-law gave me a lovely dress form the other day which I have dressed in vintage clothes, and then there's my fab sofa, my lamp covered in old pillowcase and so on.  It's looking good.

I thought I need to tie some of the textiles in - my bed has navy and silver on it at the moment and the sofa is quite bright greens and blues, so I made this cushion cover with a bit of both;

Teatowel from the church opshop - around a dollar or 50c, fabric from an opshop in Bendigo, around 50c and fringing from a whole card I got in Tokyo for 400 yen, so about a dollar.  YAY!  Aren't those pineapples great?  And who cannot love a bit of navy fringing?  So - once I make a filler for it, it will sit on my bed and bring all those colours together.  Next, I plan to make a cushion for the sofa - just a little one - I think I am going to use a round folksy doily I got the other day for a dollar.

I also made a pouch for my iPad mini.  YEP!  I moved into the 21st century.  Amazing!  But the sleeve is very 70s.

I love those bright oranges and yellows and the stylised birds.  Inspires me to go out and do a bit more rummaging ASAP.  Might treat myself to a bit of an opshop next week once I have got my essays and other stuff under way.  Haha - must admit, it's not the most masterful piece of sewing I have ever done, but whatevs.  

Seriously, with all that glorious treasure for only a few bucks, who would shop anywhere else?


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