Stepping off again on the right foot

I love these feet.  I love the way they swing or turn unnoticed.  I love the ways the toes curl as if by their own volition when the owner is reading or absorbed in drawing. I love the way they go brown in summer.   I love them.  I love them.  I love them.

Anyway - seems I have kind of got off the track lately - not sure why or where or when or how, but it's time to get back on the right track.  I've been eating crappy stuff, drinking too much wine, going to bed at irregular hours and sleeping in too much.  Not being able to focus.  Losing my temper too easily.  Opening a Facebook account and faffing around there.  Drinking too much coffee.  Yuk.  And I feel yuk.

So - I am going to take this shitty head cold that I have also developed to bed now and give it a long and hopefully restful sleep and wake up tomorrow morning to a healthy breakfast, some yoga and a good fresh and clear start to the day.  Some study in the morning and then hanging with Little Miss O in the afternoon.  A healthy warming dinner.  Taking the first steps back on my chosen path of healthy, mindful, creative, simple....etc.


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