Sewing for kids: Cosy PJ pants

Winter is starting to nip at the edges of mornings and I, several degrees colder always than everyone else it seems, am already in slippers and hoodie of an evening.  Have also made the seasonal switch from white to red wine.  Ha.  Organic flannel sheets have been ordered for Little Miss O and am eyeing off some cosy blankets on Blessed Earth.  (LOVE that site and no, they did not ask, pay or send gifts to me to say that.  Damn.)  Got to dig out our hot water bottles and see if we need any more too.  The slow cooker is cooking soup and lots of cheesy toast has already been going in our bellies...

So - it seemed like the right time to sew up some cosy flannel PJ pants that I had cut out from vintage flannel before we left Tokyo...

How cute are those prints?  Little purple bows and bright springy flowers. Yay.  There's a matching Wee Willie Winkie type hat to go with the purple bow pants, but Little Miss O was already sporting that.

All ready to get snuggly.


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