Design love: Fantastic sofa!

Damn!  I thought I had taken a before picture, but it seems not.  Hm.  Anyway - this sofa has been in my family for a loooong time - my great grandparents bought it from a house called Burdekin House that used to be in Phillip Street in town, if I remember correctly.  It's been sitting around a bit unloved,  covered in its frowsy gold-ish upholstery and stuck in garages etc. for many years until NOW!

I got some vintage fabric from ebay and had it recovered. It's bright!  It's nothing like what it should be covered in!  It adds yet another pattern into my over patterned house!  And I LOVE IT.

It's going in my bedroom as it is a bit too delicate to be sat on regularly where it will sit under my planned second gallery wall with a couple of cool cushions I am going to make and be used occasionally e.g when I sit down to put on my shoes etc.  Slowly my projects get done, slowly my home becomes more...home-like.  There's plenty more of the fabric so I might use it to;

1) Make some cushions for my bed to tie in the pattern
2) Cover a chair in the lounge room
3) Make some cushions for the lounge room
All of the above!


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