Beaches Market

Yum.  I think I love a falafel wrap pretty much most of all in the food world. What's not to love?  Hoummus, tabbouleh, falafel, garlicky deliciousness...mmmm.

Little Miss O and I visited the Beaches Market a couple of Fridays ago on a glorious sunny day and we loved it.  It was much less hectic and full on than the French's Forest market and we had a very chilled time wandering around.  We picked up palm oil free shampoo bars, divine chocolate for Mama S, very tangy creamy goats' cheese, great veg, a baguette and some really good lunch.  There was live music, happy, chatty smiley people and plenty of samples.  SO many samples.

Definitely heading back - maybe even this Friday.  This time, I am going to be decadent and get some pineapple mint cane juice.  Watch out, teeth!

And no-one got me to write this either.


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