Sewing for kids: Scottie dog shorts

It is not a secret that I love a Japanese sewing/craft book and before I made my sad departure from that particular land, I bought this book.

Basically, that is Little Miss O's wardrobe until she is about ten.  Hooorah!  

The other day whilst waiting for Little Miss O to finish Japanese school, Mama S and I went to Spotlight.  Ugh.  I do not like fabric stores here, but then I have been spoilt.  However, Spotlight so have some decent fabrics, and I got some knit fabric on sale for $8 for a metre.  Or thereabouts.  Cute little Scottie dogs on a teal background.  Hoorah. So I made some shorts....

And I got quite a way through before I noticed that I had done half the cutting upside down, which is rather annoying especially as I had thought about this while cutting and then thought that it was OK.  But it wasn't. Sigh.

I haven't hemmed them yet as they are for Little Miss O when she is a bit older, so I will wait to see how tall she gets. But man, someone keep me out of the fabric store!


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