Gallery wall

Am still fiddling around with our little house down the back of the garden, which I love doing.  Although we have a few ornaments, my focus is mainly on pictures, candles and books.  I want to create a simple, organised and clean house filled with music, beautiful scent, books and art/photos...and cosy places to chat with friends or knit or read or snuggle my little girl.  Happy days.  We still have tweaking to do, but there it's an ongoing thing, creating a home, isn't it?  Still trying to cull some stuff and donate it or sell it....

Anyway - this is my latest beautiful thing - a gallery wall, created for $28 in frames.  I took the measurements of my pictures and scoured the op shops for suitable black frames.  The pale wooden one was a hand me down from my dad.  It was fun, and I love the way it looks.   I'd like to create another one in my bedroom too...and maybe one for Little Miss O's room when she gets older.  

Please excuse the pics of a seemingly headless child.  I do try to protect her identity online as much as I can these days.


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