Thank you Goodwill!

Today started off shite, but it improved quite majorly by about 1pm.  An accessory to this improvement was the final, final, final discovery of a quilted jacket at the local Goodwill opshop which I popped into on my epic errand running day.

I have been looking for one of these babies in navy or red for a very long time.  I know they were "so hot right now" a few seasons ago, and I was a bit tempted to fulfil my long held dream then, but the image in my mind was of something not so expensive, not so brand new and a little more like this....and when it appeared today on the just reduced down to $2 rack, I think the sun started to peep out from behind the clouds. 

There's a little lesson there - keep your list with you and keep searching.  Don't compromise.  After a while some of the things on your list will become irrelevant and be crossed off while others will stay the distance and when you find will be extremely pleasant...and you will have things in your house and wardrobe that you actually really want and really love, rather than a whole lot of shite.

Seek and ye shall find, friends.


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