Recent makes: Tsuru top

I love origami cranes, even though they remind me of the book Sadako and the thousand cranes, which I also love, but which makes me sob every time I read it.  Origami cranes are the only origami I am remotely interested making and I did make one perfect one which I lacquered with clear nail varnish, but I left it behind in Tokyo.  Must spend a day with Little Miss O soon making some.

Anyway - when I came across this...

...freakin' awesome fabric at Spotlight the other day when helping Mama S choose upholstery trim etc., I couldn't resist...even though I try not to buy new fabric these days and even though it is eherm 65% polyester...So - forgive me reader,  BUT...

Look how great it made up!  And it only cost $6.99 a metre (I bought two metres) minus Mama S' Spotlight discount of 30%, and I didn't use it all - there's enough I think for a twirly skirt for Little Miss O.  So - less than $10.  Woooohooo.

I used an old Esprit pattern from the 80s and - removed the button up front, exchanged facings for orange binding, lengthened it from cropped and put a zip in the back in case I couldn't get it on over my head, which actually, I can.  Ah well.  Zip practice is always good.  I also curved the hem the teeniest bit.  And made the back and the front the same length.  Er - so yeah, a few minor adjustments, but nothing too hard, dropped Little Miss O off at preschool on our trusty bike and had it made by lunch time.  YES!

Did I tell you I love sewing?  I love sewing.  And then I fiddled around with a piece of Liberty and undies again.  Pics tomorrow. I love sewing.  


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