Recent make: T-shirt

I have this great boat neck striped tshirt with a curved hemline and 3/4 length sleeves that I bought at Uniqlo let's least seven years ago.  I love it and it's very flattering.  Thankfully, it's also still in good nick, so I can still wear it and I can use it to cut patterns for other cool tshirts, like this one I made yesterday.  It's been so hot recently and I just need to inject a little bit of colour into my mostly white top selection, so I rummaged around in my fabric stash and came up with this nice stripe.  I know it came from an op shop at some stage - I am guessing a couple of dollars max at some time.  I also got a length of yellow which made a good contrast pocket.

Actually, I really wanted to use the double needle feature on the machine, but the machine did not like it at all, even though I threaded it according to the instructions.  Maybe I was using the wrong stitch?  Anyone got any advice about sewing with a double needle?

Wore it today with a secondhand light denim Sass and Bide skirt that I got at Vinnie's a few years back.  Nice.


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