Church opshop scores

I went to my fave church opshop yesterday. It promised to be a bumper version, but in fact, it was quite disappointing.  I got some decent crafty bits and books, but not the motherlode I was kind of hoping for.

Stoked to get some mega needles to knit a mat from tshirt yarn as well as plenty of undie elastic so I can fiddle around trying to make pants with some soft stretch cotton.  Some good reading including a rather awesome craft book.  Little Miss O loved her felt cutie kit and in fact, she loved it so much, she made me unpack it and make it with her yesterday afternoon. After a church opshop, Japanese class and a birthday party...oh the unflagging energy of that child.

It's a bit wonky, but it was fun to work on together.  Will keep an eye out for more fun kits in the future.


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