Letting go

It's time to continue the declutter....will it ever end?  I'd say no, actually.  Does that scare me?  No.  Does it scare you?

Sentimental items are hard to let go of, and I somehow manage to cling to endless pieces of paper that I reminds me of things I have done. Tickets, flyers, cards from restaurants, menus...all that kind of nostalgic ephemera.  In the past, I stuck it all in a huge photo album, which became increasingly unwieldy and increasingly messy with things falling out of it as the glue gradually got older and wore off.  I also used some to make cards - collages of my memories....sent to others.

But as for this book, I couldn't take it anymore - sitting there, all lumpy and messy and not really DOING anything.  So - I threw it away.  BAM.  However, what I did do first, as I am still a sentimental fool, was photograph the pages.  That way, I can have a digital record of these things that seemed so important to me.  And if the time comes that they no longer do at all, a simple "delete" and they will be gone too.

Are there things in your life that would be better off photographed and then put in the bin or passed on to someone else?


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