Japanese food mobile

Things have been busy here of late...moving in, setting up our home, getting ready for Christmas, job-hunting..blah di blah blah blah.  BUT...I did finally finish off a project I started ages ago.  I got fixated on making food out of felt with the plan to give it to my friend for her new baby.  However, I got worried about the stability of the dye and a little mouth sucking on them and getting all different colours, so I decided to make a mobile.

The shiitake is back to front as is the renkon in this pic, so you can't see the detail.  Also - the salmon is kind of blocking out the onigiri.  Regardless, I think it came out quite well.  I used an oval shaped embroidery hoop and invisible thread to put it together and sewed the ebi over the screw part of the hoop.  Green and white striped ribbon to hang it.  

Am quite pleased with it and may go on to make another.


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