Well.  Here we are.  Little Miss O and I on the next stage of our life adventure.  I've got to be honest with you, dear readers, single parenthood back in Sydney wasn't how I had my life mapped out.  But you know, I am lucky.  I had a place to go to, people ready to support me and lots of love and care.   There are still a lot of steps to take before we really get into the swing of things, and I am trying not to let them overwhelm me.  There are a lot of regrets and a lot of fears, and I struggle on some days to stop crying or to get out of bed.  It's not a cakewalk.

However, there are so many small things that happen every day that make life that little bit brighter.

A toy oven found put outside for the council clean up and now being loved by a new owner.

The joy of my new multi-cooker that cooks rice and risotto and slow cooks, so I don't have to think about watching a pot and the house fills with wafts of delicious smells.

Watching Little Miss O grow and discover and explore...and make fabulous art works.

And a new breakfast spot with amazing food and the best coffee I have had for a while - all with an untrammelled view of the sea.


  1. Oh dear, good luck and lots of strenght! You are so dignified about it, that we won't know more, yet I am dying to know what happend?????K.

    1. Thanks so much. :) Good luck and strength are good things to have.


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