The Giving Box - second donation

We did really well this month and raised 5771 yen through various means.  To be honest, at this time, I really, really could have done with an extra bit of cash, but I am determined to show Little Miss O that giving is really important. In addition, I want to instil the idea in her that even the little people can try to make a difference and contribute.

This month, she wanted to donate to a tree charity.  We tried Plant a Billion Trees as we wanted to plant trees in China, but it didn't work.  Next, we found Trees for the Future and our USD52.63 will buy around 500 trees apparently.  That's exciting!  Recently, I have been trying to explain the whole carbon dioxide in - oxygen out thing to Little Miss O, but I don't think I am doing it very well.  Anyway - she knows that trees are important and often hugs them, so I think the message is getting through.


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