Postcards from my destash

Patchwork is getting a good workout at the moment - using up all those little pretty bits that I can't bear to discard.  Here's a patchwork cot cover for a friend;

I am dumping all the rejects in a big basket...someone is going to score big time.  I am trying to only keep pieces for which there is a specific project and actually CUT them out rather than keep them as a  pipe dream.  Mind you, cutting them out doesn't necessarily mean they get sewn, but at least it means I am a step further down the path and can get rid of the offcuts.

Another reason to destash - you find things you never knew you a freakin' twin needle.  I had no idea that there was one that came with my old machine...and there it was sitting pretty in its packet - untouched.  Grrrrr....shan't tell Little Miss O though - she will expect me to start making all her underwear.


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