Postcards from my destash

And the last hat!  YESSSSS!  Now to make cards and cut bibs and cut patchwork and sew a doll's front pack...and we are flying out on Tuesday.  Good luck to me, then.

This fabric came from a fantastic flea market out at Oi Racecourse in Tokyo.  I only went twice as it is a haaaauuuuuul from my place, but I got a motherlode of vintage Japanese fabric for 1000 yen and 4 huge rolls of knit fabric for 300 yen a piece.  Or maybe even less - it was a long time ago.  It's a bit grungey and in a dodgy old carpark - but worth it.  It's on my revisit list when Little Miss O and I come back for a visit to see the fam.


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