One month blitz

Please note that I am not a health practitioner and that this post doesn't constitute medical advice of any sort.  These are just ideas that I use to head towards a healthier life.

Kiss greasy spoon fry-ups bye bye for a month and get clean.

Suddenly into my head came that song...Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet.  Excellent.

Seventies' glam aside, we are going on a full on hardcore one month blitz, people. It's going to be cleanse, cleanse, cleanse, cleanse all the way for a month and hopefully, we are going to come out feeling better about ourselves and the way we live. I am starting on Tuesday 14th October.  Who wants to join in?

Day 1

Go cold turkey.  Give up on those naughty food and drink habits that you know are no good for you.  Mine are coffee, alcohol, white foods (bread, pasta, rice mainly) and sugar.  You know what yours are. Give them up.  Today.  I am going to sell my coffee machine, so I really can't break my resolve.

Day 2

Get moving.  Nothing is going to make you feel better than exercise.  That flushed, pink, out of breathiness at the end of a workout or a run or whatever it is that you are going to do is fantastic.  Blood is pumping around your body and your body is being nourished.  Aired.  Refreshed.  I am choosing a mix of C25K x three per week, Jillian Michaels 30 day shred x three per week and one sesh of Detox Flow Yoga with Seane Corne.  Typhoons and small child allowing.  Each of these is only 30 minutes a day, give or take, and as far as I can tell, they WORK.

Day 3

Drink water.  Lots of it.  Eight glasses a day.  Two when you get up, two at each meal.  Sorted.  Flush toxins out of your body.  Whooooooosh.

Day 4

Go mainly plant-based.  Even for just a month, try to stick to plant-based foods and keep as close to the natural state of your food as possible.  Nuts, veggies, pulses, whole grains and fruit.  It's not rocket science.  Add a little sustainable fish if you like twice a week.

Day 5

Sleep.   On average, seven to eight hours of good quality sleep is what adults need.  Put away Facebook, turn off your phone and move all the electronics out of your sleeping space.  Go to bed early and get up early. Feels great.

Day 6

Meditate.  Take a few minutes every day (I prefer evenings before bedtime to quiet my mind) and meditate. Dim the lights and eliminate distractions.  Use a guided practice or just practice your own method.

Day 7

Eat a healthy breakfast. The most important meal of the day and so many people skip it or eat crap.  I have a friend who eats what one would normally have for dinner for breakfast, and she reckons it does wonders for her health.  Try alternatives to the usual toast and coffee routine.  I can't face smoothies at any time, let alone the morning, but why not a corn tortilla filled with veggies and beans?  Or stir fried brekky veggies like tomatoes, mushies with eggs and avocado?  Or Japanese style with brown rice, salmon, green veg and tofu and miso soup with wakame?  Porridge with blueberries and stewed apple?  Mmmmm.


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