Sewing for kids: padded vest

I can't put this under "destash" cos I went out and bought some fabric especially to make it th either day.  Bad Else.  Bad, bad, bad Else.  And of course, I rushed into it without checking the pattern and made it wider than the pattern because in my mind, it was a 95 pattern...but if I had double-checked, I would have seen it was 105 and sewn it exactly how the pattern was.  Agggggggggh. She may look like a gridiron player in it.  Sigh.

It's cute though.  A little tricky to sew, but I love the style of the pattern - yet another Japanese craft book marvel.  This would work equally as well in non-padded fabric, I think. In fact, I may try it at some point.  And cut it to the right size.

The fabric cost 200 yen a metre (I bought a metre) at Tomato's discount shop. The ties are made from bias I already had and the ruffles are from a 100 yen flea market fabric.


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