Little slice of Japan

Little Miss O and I met friends in Ikebukuro this afternoon. (Try saying Ikebukoro after you've had a few...)  We drifted around, drank 702 yen coffees, went to the amazingly HUGE Junkudo bookstore (NINE floors!) and stuffed our faces at Kura Sushi.  It was fabulously high tech with little pods for the sushi, a high speed conveyor belt for delivering orders and a cool self-serve beer dispenser which tilted the glass at various angles during the pouring process to avoid getting too much of a head on it.

Days like these remind me why I love Japan so much.

Guess what this store sells?

Sushi pods.  Empty and....


Shrimp tempura with brown sauce and mayo hand roll.  SO wrong, but yet, so delicious.


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