What I learnt from being a waster

Gratuitous nature shot to remind me how beautiful our planet is and how I need to look after it.  This is in Norway.  I loved Norway.  LOVED IT.

The past week was an interesting experiment, and I have a few matters to pursue in order to further reduce my waste.  My first goal is to send nothing to landfill. After that can be achieved, I will work on trying not to create any garbage at all.  I also realised how I make rubbish without even thinking about it, and I definitely recommend this experiment even if only for a day to draw your attention to how much you actually throw away.

Firstly, I need to compost.  So much of our waste comes from veggie bits and bobs that I really need to work out a way to compost them and then dispose of the compost.  I also need to work out a way to compost without using the EM in the plastic bag.  Tricky.  I shall keep hassling the local government and also see if anyone I know needs any.  They did just close the garden centre at the supermarket (damn), so maybe people will get desperate.

Secondly, I need to make my menstrual cycle completely zero waste.  Well, as close to zero as possible. As I mentioned, I am seriously considering a menstrual cup, but am a bit nervous about them.  Not sure why, but I just am.  They are also silicone, so that's not ideal, but the sea sponge thing grosses me out.

Thirdly, I need to see if I can find an even better toilet paper solution.  I found coreless, so that waste will be no more, but it would be ideal to find unbleached and not wrapped in plastic.  Hm.  I do have to remember, this is Japan....

Fourth, I need to continue to focus on finding ways to reduce buying stuff in packaging - especially that which is non-recyclable, but with an aim for no packaging whatsoever.  Again...Japan... land of packaging.

In addition, I need to find out about textile recycling - especially for small pieces such as scraps from sewing.  I will contact the local government about this too.

Finally, I need to sort out the junk mail.  I will talk to Mr O about the no junk mail sign.  Another  temporary alternative might be to use it as wrapping paper so at least it gets reused.....or even to make it into paper....again.

I am also considering being a garbage raider - digging things that are perfectly useable out of our very clean and tidy skips in the apartment block and putting them back into circulation if possible - maybe via Freecycle and so on.

Crazy lady alert.


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