Using it or losing it - fabric destash

I have too much fabric.  Over the years, I have given away and sold quite a lot, but now I am trying a new approach which seems to be working quite well.  I'm calling it the use it or lose it method.

It goes a little something like this....

1) Intensive cutting out period - gathering up all the projects I want to make and finding a few new ones along the way and cutting them out.

2) Intensive cutting out period part 2 - dealing with the scraps and remnants from each project as I go.  I have a whole lot of ziplock bags (yes, I know they are plastic.  Little Miss O keeps reminding me of this fact too!) that are labelled with things I can use scraps for such as dolly's clothes, dolly's patchwork, patchwork, coasters, pot holders, bulk/veggie bags, tea towels, bunting, oven gloves, and I cut the fabric down as I go.  Tea towels take a lot of cloth, so I cut them first, right down to dolly dress pieces and dolly patchwork.   These are then cut and ready the next time I need them for a birthday gift or housewarming gift or when I need a new pot holder or someone orders a cot patchwork etc.

3) Getting rid of the tiny scraps.  I have a big bag under the ironing board which is where I am cutting at the moment and into it, I drop the smallest scraps - suitable for yo-yos, button covering etc., and I shall be giving those away or including them in a craft bundle for sale.

4) Sewing.  This happens concurrently with the rest of the operation as one cannot cut out all the time without going INSANE.

5) Don't buy any more unless there is a specific project the damn thing before even considering going anywhere near a fabric vendor again.  All right???

Here are today's destash projects (as well as a lot of bunting triangles and dolly patchwork cut out);

Baby bibs

Backed with nice thick and soft sweat shirting.  Possibly the best 300 yen ever spent.  I've got a huge bag, lots of bibs, a sweatshirt for me, a baby jacket, a sweatshirt for Little Miss O and a pair of baby trousers out of that stuff I got at a flea market...and that's just the stuff I can recall making.

Dishcloths for my kitchen made out of tenugui.  I freaking LOVE tenugui.  I love the fabric, and I love the designs.  I also adore teruterubozu.  We have one at our house made of old sweatshirt with a face drawn by Little Miss O.  It works quite well!

But I digress.  How do you destash?


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