Smile Squared

Happy happy joy joy!  Ahh..Ren and Stimpy.  Wasn't their something about a toothbrush in one of the cartoons? Yes - in Space Madness.

I digress.  A happy thing occurred today.  Little Miss O needed a new toothbrush.  I wanted to move away from plastic for her, although a previous foray into the world of bamboo toothbrushes ended in some pretty gunky black goo at the base of the brush (I emailed the company in question - not the one I am discussing now, and they never bothered to reply).

Then I found, and I realised that I was prepared to give the old bamboo another whirl.  Why?  Because at the same time as getting compostable and eco-friendly toothbrushes that are packaged in cardboard, which is exactly what I was looking for, the company is donating a toothbrush to a child in need for each one bought.

Now, I know this may not be an ideal business model, and I have read articles condemning the whole buy-one-give-one idea. The reasons given were...well, reasonable, especially the one that suggests that a product that is made fairly and where people are being paid a fair wage to make it is the most socially productive.  A moot point.

These toothbrushes are certainly biodegradable, but I have to do ask the company more about whether they are fairly made.  And of course, we will be testing them out to see if they are any good. No black gunk please.

However, for the moment, I am pretty pleased with the concept.  Clean teeth are a beautiful thing.  So is giving.


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