Simple things with kids: Reading poetry

OK, some may argue that Sylvia Plath is not for almost four year olds, but it can't be denied that Mirror, for example, is a great poem that is easy to understand and identify with (although a four year old probably is not getting the "old woman rises towards her, day after day, like a terrible fish" - that's for mummy to deal with). 

A friend of mine had a friend with a handful of kids and every morning, one of them got to choose a breakfast poem that was read at the table at breakfast.  How fantastic is that!  I was always deeply inspired by that idea, and the concept of whole families sitting at the table together for breakfast too, but at the moment, the best we are getting is the sporadic after dinner poetry sesh.  And, for the record, although I do love to hear the sound of my own voice, it is usually Little Miss O who requests the readings.

Such a great way for kids to hear the power and beauty of language.  

Note to self:  Look out for more poetry books AND attend some poetry readings.  Goddamn it, we could even try to WRITE some poetry together.  Why not, hey?


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