Simple things with kids: Friendship bands

Little Miss O is back at kindy now - hoooooorah - FRRRREEEEEDOM!  However, I am still trying to keep her busy, teach her important skills and keep her away from the TV.  She never asks for it anymore.  Result.

When we were at Bodiam Castle (fantastic place - just what you would expect a castle to look like. moat, crenellations, portcullis, murder holes and so on. ), there were some women doing some crafts of the period, and one of them was making cord.  It was a very simple method, so I took a photo of it and thought it would be a good one to do at home with Little Miss O.  She called it something beginning with "T, " but I shall call it a Bodiam Circle.

You'll need a circle of cardboard.  I used a mug to draw mine.  

Then, you will need to cut eight evenly spaced notches of about 1.5-2cm in length and a small hole in the middle.  

Next, you will need seven long pieces of thread - I used cotton crochet thread from Daiso in a multi-dye, which gives a pretty multi-coloured effect.  Using threads of different colours would do the same.  I cut my lengths about one metre each, but I have yet to find out how much friendship bracelet I end up with.  It might be an idea to cut them even longer...

The threads need to be slid into the notches and the short ends put down the hole.  Then, tie a knot.

You will have one free notch.  Turn the circle so this is at the top.  

Then, not including the empty notch, count three threads in a clockwise direction.  

Take the third thread and bring it around clockwise to fit into the empty notch. 

Then turn the empty notch up to the top and start again.  As you go, pull the threads gently through the hole.

You will find a cord begins to form.

As we are still working on ours, I haven't yet decided on how to finish it off when it is ready, so I will do a second post sometime anon.  if you work it out before me, please put your method in the comments!

I think this would look sweet decorated with little buttons or charms and given to a friend. 


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