Samsara project: Umbrella to eco bag which things pass through states of existence...

I have been busting to do a little bit of umbrella upcycling for a loooong time, especially as I see so many abandoned umbrellas around.  The other day, I summoned up the bravery to do a little garbage raiding (another thing I haven't done for ages and must do more of.  So many things to be saved and put back into circulation!) and grabbed this cute little Totes umbrella.

Great stripes.  One spoke was broken, and as umbrella repair isn't yet an ability I possess, I decided to pull it apart and make an eco bag.

I used an unpicker to take the fabric off, and then I went a bit freehand on it to cut out the shape of the eco bag.  Of course, later when I googled it, there are loads of patterns around, some of which I will be trying later.  (There are lots of umbrellas in the garbage at the moment!)

I used some bias binding around the inside edge to make it look nicer and for it to be stronger, but hopefully will be able to use a pattern with a facing next time to save on bias binding.

The bag was still there, so I out a button on it and made it into a little pouch for the eco bag.

Now, it is ready for me to use to green-bomb someone at the supermarket.  But what to do with the spokes?

Watch this space to see what I do with the cool black one with silver stars I got today.


  1. so cool, wish I had your abilities...

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the compliment a lot. Really - thank you so much for reading and for commenting too.


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