Handmade: Rockin' the 80s

These days, I am becoming more and more drawn to vintage 80s patterns for women.  Not all that frilled collar abomination, but the more simple styles - drop-sleeves, bat wings, cowl necks, drop-waists....

I got a pile of patterns given to me, and after I sorted through them, I kept two or three to try.  I gave the first one a whirl yesterday and made this top....

...using this pattern;

Don't those elastic-waisted yoked skirts make you feel a little queasy?  Or the petticoat skirt? Flashback!  The 80s were a bit....taste-challenged at times, but this pattern made up beautifully. I did the first red top on the left.   It was simple and easy to follow - although I made my own adjustments in finishes.  For example, I bound the neck with bias binding and finished off the seams with a fold and stitching.  Perhaps you have already picked this up before, but I loathe raw edges.

I got the fabric at Tomato for 100 yen a metre, and I love it.  Although I looked for a label, I couldn't find one, so I have no idea what kind of fabric it is.  It sort of feels like silk/cotton mix, which I am sure it isn't, so maybe a rayon?  I must give it a little burn test to see if the fibres melt or turn to ash.  The pattern is very sweet - little houses and hot air balloons..

It reminds me of that song..."Little boxes on a hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky..."  I wore it today.  It was comfortable, easy to wear, the perfect weight for early autumn weather and the style of the top went really well with skinny jeans and sandals.  

200 yen for the fabric in total and the pattern was free, so it was a thrifty make too.



  1. Love the pattern, I thought it was plum petals from afar, so quirky, it looks great!

  2. Thank you! Isn't it sweet? I am MOST pleased with how it turned out. It is now my new favourite top.


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