Ring, ring....

And now my next project in leather - a smart phone holder to match the leather pouch.  Actually, something weird happened at the top with the lining, but I am not quite sure what.  As for the dimensions,  I think they are OK.  I have a dumb phone (is that the opposite of smart phone?) so I can't check it for sure - even though I checked the dimensions carefully and tried very hard to get it right.

I think the next time I attempt this, I have to work out the lining differently - I don't want it to fold in at the corners like it does now.  I had got to the end by the time I realised something had happened, and had already unpicked things quite a few times as well as being hassled by a sick three year old, so....I COULDN't TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!

Ah well, live and learn.... Am loving that perforated leather/bright fabric combo.


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