Postcards from my destash

Man.  There are bucket loads of stuff going out of my house right now.  I am working' that Freecycle. And I am giving the sewing machine a workout too!  Here's today's efforts;

Little baby pants.  Awww...remember when they were so little and cute...and they couldn't speak or answer back and all you had to do to calm them down was stick a boob at them?  Happy days.

More cards.  I have a mountain of fabulous ephemera lying around and am trying to clear as much of it out by turning it into cards.  I am going to be a very worthy correspondent... I have a LOT of cards. It's fun to make them though and it's a damn sight more thrifty than paying an average of $5 or $6 for a pretty card which is about the going rate these days.  Ouch.  And I am a birthday card sender, and I always will be.


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