Postcards from my destash

Proof of how ridiculous it is to stash fabrics.  I bought this fabric at a vintage fair in Campbelltown FIVE years ago (and it is definitely not the oldest piece in my stash, I am ashamed to admit).  For five years, I have been transporting and storing this piece of fabric.  Ridiculous.

Still - it made up into a damn cute little pinafore for Little Miss O.  Now if only I could find where I put the pattern to put the pieces away.  It's a bit hectic here mid-destash.

It's the same vintage pattern I used here and here, but this time I used cute spotty bias (extra wide from Daiso) instead of doing facings.  It's cord, so again, will be great for winter - again with that red skivvy and tights combo.  It's a shame, but I think her black patent Doc Martens are too small this they would be the cherry on top.

I think it was about $5-$10 for the piece - I recall sticking to the lower price bracket at the market - and the bias was 108 yen, so a dress for about $6 - $11 or so.  Not bad.

Confession long have you been harbouring some of your fabrics?


  1. cool and cute at the same time! Five years isn't that long :) I wish I could follow your example and declutter, but I am way too attached to things, so I am slowly learning to accept that minimalism isn't for me instead :)

  2. Fair enough. It's not for everyone and certainly I am not going to be one of those people with completely bare surfaces and 100 items in their possession or any of that. I think everyone has their own level and for me, it's all about not wasting money and not having acres of stuff to clean, basically. Glad you like the dress and thanks so much for commenting. :)

  3. to have less to clean would be grrrreat, i am just way weaker than you. it is a pleasure, i enjoy your blog a lot!!!K.

  4. :) Thank you! I enjoy writing it.


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