Postcards from my destash

Little Miss O and I have a good thing going on...some of the time.  This morning, we made pancakes with raspberry, honey and yoghurt together.  The she drew, danced and played while I sewed.  From time to time, I had to stop to pretend to eat blackberries and mushrooms with Hello Kitty and assorted bodies but relative peace.  At lunchtime, we decided we would treat ourselves to pizza and pick up some supplies such as bias binding, blueberries and chickpeas, so we cycled over to the shops.  In the afternoon, it was back to the sewing/drawing thing.  Thus, in this rare and beautiful harmony, I managed to make this dress.  This is going to be super fine on the little dude with red tights and a red skivvy when the weather gets cooler.  Yep.  Skivvies.  LOVE them.


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