Paradise lost

I am a fallen vegetarian.  From age 15 to age 27, I never ate meat of any kind (unless by accident), but then, in Helsinki, a beautiful salmon cooked in white wine, butter and dill came my way, and my friend's dad, who was the chef,  would not take no for an answer.

And then there was sushi, and the fall was complete.  These days, I am a vegetarian.  Pescetarian.  Whatever you wish to call it.  Sell-out?  haha.

Which brings me kind of sort of to leather.  I love it.  I wear it on my feet, around my waist.  I carry it.  I store my money in it.  I wrap it around my wrist.  And I know I shouldn't. I know it's from an animal who has been slaughtered.  I know about the awful effects on the environment (and people!) from tanning.  And I feel bad about it.  Not touching fur with a ten foot barge pole makes me feel a little better, but not so much.

But I am an addict.  I long for a pair of fantastic rock star leather pants or a black leather pencil skirt. I own three leather jackets.  (Two are second-hand, does that make me slightly less of a sinner?). I droooool over snakeskin.  And instead of getting better, I am getting worse.  I have started to sew in leather as well.  But bugger me, it is so hard that I may give it up.  It slips and slides under the machine foot and the hand sewing needles are SO sharp.  Ouch.

Maybe I will have to wean myself off it a little in my painstaking efforts to be good.  Stick to secondhand leather (except for shoes - I cannot do secondhand shoes) and cut down on the number of pairs of shoes I buy.  Perhaps that is another eco goal to add to my list.

Hm.  In the meantime, I have made this little perforated leather pouch - all lined, with help from this fab tutorial.  Perforated leather is the pinnacle of my leather fetish.  Make it slouchy, perforated leather and I am allll yours, baby.

I got the leather and lining in Nippori and put in a pink zip to give it a bit of "POP!"  It was tricky to sew the zip in, and the edges are not perfect (where the zip goes in), but overall, I am happy with it.  I have enough to make some matching accessories (more pouches in different sizes?  a phone case?  a sunglasses case?  a cuff? ) and then fill the pouch with pretty sweets and send it to my friend for her birthday.

Forgive me, for I have sinned.


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