Never work with children...or leather...

...or so the saying goes.  Being stuck with the child, I guess I will have to stick to learning my lesson about leather.  Who decides to embroider it?  Those who end up with perforated fingers, I guess.  Man...does a leather needle hurt!  Nasty triple sided knife like situations that they are.  Beware!

But I love it.  We have already discussed how I am a bad person, possibly beyond redemption, but I still love it.

Last night, after I had finally got sick Little Miss O to settle down to a proper sleep, I finished a project for an friend's upcoming birthday.  She loves doing art, and so I thought I would make something for her to easily pack with her art supplies and throw in her bag.

I had borrowed a book from the library on cute Japanese zakka inspired by Eastern European traditional crafts, and I really wanted to embroider this bird on something.  So I chose the front of this leather art roll.  More fool me, but I think it came out quite well.

I made the sections quite wide and not too specific (e.g. I didn't make very narrow ones for paintbrushes), so that it doesn't limit the things you can carry in it.  I thought the bias binding added a little splash of colour.

And it all rolls up and ties up with a turquoise leather cord, all ready for some alfresco art.  Hoorah! (Those are my fantastic mini watercolours and watercolour pens that another art-loving friend gave me for my birthday.  Wonderful.  I have been painting almost every day and loving it.)

I've got a few little treats to pop in it for her to experiment with, so I hope that she likes it.


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