Getting it local

A picture of a tupperware container with a blob of potato salad.  Woohooooooo!  Another place where my bring-your-own-container madness has been accepted with a smile.  

I have cycled past this shop a few times picking up Little Miss O from kindy, and I saw that they had potato salad, which we have with our J-brekky on the weekends.  Rocked up today with my own container, and it was not a problem.  And you know what else?  I was served by a person.  A person who smiled.  A person who was happy to use my container.  A person who wished me well on my way.  There was no queue. No rush.  No assembly line feel.  

Also, today, at the bread shop, I got a lot of extra bread from the slicing lady.  Not sure why, it was termed under "service", but hell...when does that happen when you pick up your pre-packaged loaf at the supermarket?

I am not going to ditch the supermarket as it is mighty convenient, but I am definitely going to go and explore my local shops a bit more fully.  I have a retro dream of stores where people know your name and have a chat to you when you come in.  

A side note: Got to start sorting out the amount of plastic etc. in our house.  BPA is a nasty, nasty thing.


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