Feel the fear and do it anyway...

So, with all this decluttering, how is the zero waste thing going?  Slowly...but surely.  Clearing out all my stuff is really giving me a perspective on how much I really need...and how much I really don't.

Anyway - the other day a Diva Menstrual Solution arrived that I purchased on iherb.com.  A menstrual solution? What on earth is that?  Anyway, when I pulled it out of the packaging,  I instinctively crossed my legs.  That?  In MY vagina?  No WAY! And Mr O was askance.  It's so....solid.  And thick.  When I think silicone, I think of my flippy floppy thin little cupcake patties or my baking sheets.  Mostly.  I had chosen to forget about my silicone funnel...which, despite the lack of folding down function that my funnel has...this menstrual solution looks a bit like.

Holy shit, thought I.  And then I thought, well, bugger me, I squeezed almost 4kg of baby out of there (with no freaking epidural!!!) so this shouldn't really be a problem.

Fortunately, the good old menses arrived shortly after, so I was able to give it a whirl.  And blow me down if I didn't love it.  The first time, given, I almost split myself in half when it opened right after I popped it in, and then I pinched myself with my fingernails trying to get it back out again (note to users - cut fingernails before use!), so I almost wimped out.  However, I persisted and I am mighty glad that I did. I thought it would take ages to get it right, but it really was fine after the first attempt.

It's great.  Getting it in and out is not the most enjoyable experience I have ever had, but the interim makes up for it.  No leaks.  No dampness.  No icky sticky sheets and PJs of a morning.  No stinky bin of pads.  No tampons drying you up and being very uncomfortable especially when on a bike.  No waste.  No having to change so many times.  Nothing to carry around.  Hoorah!

It is a bit more graphic, I think....I mean, blood soaked into an absorbent pad is a lot different from a cup of it.  It's a bit darker and meaner looking.  And having a separate toilet and washbasin makes it a bit awkward, but not impossible.

But I think I am a satisfied customer.  And as for the naff pin that came with it?  As a kind of community service, I might start wearing it about a week before my period is due so that people know not to mess with me.  Ha.


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